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Highland Tours

We offer a meet & greet service at Edinburgh Airport, Where Scotland meets the world! Starting your tour from the airport maximizes your time in Edinburgh. Our premium Scot Mini Cabs have lots of space for your luggage. At the end of your tour, we can either return to the airport or take you directly to your Edinburgh hotel or accommodation.

This service is particularly useful if you are arriving in Edinburgh from the early transatlantic or middle-eastern flights as often it is too early to check in to your hotel. Make the most of your airport transfer by taking a private tour from Edinburgh Airport.

Like most of the United Kingdom, you are getting to the Scottish Highlands, and even its trailheads are a breeze. The whole country is very accessible, and different modes of transportation are on hand depending on where you’re coming from, how you’d like to travel, and how much your budget is. Depending on whether you prefer transport is available from Edinburgh Airport to Highland by Scot Mini Cabs. A car or caravan rental, as is joining a tour that takes care of your transport, among other things.

Arriving in a city closest to the beginning of the trail is ideal. Though, if you prefer to take a longer way, it wouldn’t be much of an inconvenience. In fact, since Scotland is such a picturesque place, flying into Edinburgh.

Taxi service Edinburgh airport are on hand for those who prefer to travel. It’s a great way to get a preview of the Scottish Highlands before you hike it, even if it does take longer.

For example, a taxi ride by Scot Mini Cabs can take up to some hours but the journey will be good for the user.

For an even more offbeat adventure. The Scot Mini Cabs are known for its extensive and reliable taxi service that reaches the smallest towns and villages, and it’s no different in the Highlands. Our taxi service, offer affordable, albeit slow, services to Inverness. If you have some time to spare, this might be an ideal way to meander around the Highlands and see towns and villages you might not otherwise if you took the faster route.

Reaching the Highlands by taxi from Scot Mini Cabs, arranging for private transport, or joining a guided tour from one of the major city. These typically offer privacy and flexibility you wouldn’t normally get if you flew or took the bus.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our travel services. We try to reply within the shortest time possible.

Email: scotminicabs@gmail.com
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